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We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization; 100% of donations go directly toward providing services. Tax ID# 46-4162394

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We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization; 100% of donations go directly toward providing services. Tax ID# 46-4162394

Many local residents have lost their job, their home, have become financially strained or have unstable family connections. They find themselves in a downward spiral that seems impossible to get out of without our help.

"I remember so vividly, it seems an eternity ago, when my wife and parents left me homeless. I was scared to death so I tried the mission only to find I’m not welcome in that community. I came back here and tried NA and AA meetings begging for help on food and shelter. They’d always say, “just keep coming back, stay clean”. Well that was easy. So I went in and out of psych places becoming more and more depressed. At meetings I’d get ignored unless by females who I wouldn’t go home with because I didn’t want to use anymore. I forgot what it is like to be a dad, to have a home, to have someone hug me and care. Day after day, night after night I’d ask God to send me an angel. Just when I started to give up on hope there appeared all of you. You put up with my mental illnesses, when hungry you fed me, when thirsty you gave me drink, you clothed me and sheltered me. The meaning of Jesus’ words in Mathew 25. You brought hope to my hopelessness, you made me feel worthy when I felt worthless. Most of all for the first time in a longtime I felt cared for and have hope.
Thank you,
(Name withheld)"

Robert was homeless for more than 10 years. Before that he had a wife and a job that drug addiction stole from him. He became very despondent and bitter about life and people. Through a kind touch from the Elk Grove Food Bank his outer protective shell was cracked. Teamed up with a HART mentor and the support of the Grace House Robert made amazing changes in returning to the worthy and social man he once was. Having suffered numerous injuries and not obtaining medical care Robert suffers from debilitating illnesses. Through the work of HART Robert obtained a medical disability and was placed into a permanent supportive home.

Bob was leading the good life, he had an executive level job and a family, certainly never suspecting that one day he would be homeless. A personal issue at work caused him to lose his job and ultimately, his family. Left with his dog and his car, he resisted help for 2 years while his life spiraled even further down. After his car broke down, he was forced to sleep in a field.

His old dog was his only comfort. The heavy rains in January left him on a little plot of dry ground in the middle of a field with rats scurrying around him. He was finally ready for help, and welcomed the help of his HART mentor.

He worked hard to get back on his feet, volunteering at the food bank, going to counseling and attending life skill classes while being mentored. Jim is now working and has just moved out of the Grace House into his own apartment. So many HART members have grown fond of him and know that he will always be a friend to us. He now speaks in support of HART, and encourages others that are struggling.

Gary was shuffled from foster home to foster home as a child, learning not to trust anyone and to guard his heart. He stayed employed in construction business until he was in an accident that broke several of his vertebra. He managed a trailer park for awhile, but lost that job and ended up homeless. He accepted minimal help from HART mentors, until his tent caught on fire one night, and he was severely burned. After spending 10 days in the hospital, he finally broke down and said he needed help and wanted his life to change.

With the help of his HART mentor, Gary life has dramatically changed. He is now happily married and lives in an apartment with his new wife. He has a true family for the first time in his life. The burns left minimal scars and he looks great with his new set of teeth. He is still close to his mentor and is looking forward to a bright future.

On November 8, 2013, Grace House resident Donna Kirkes completed an 18-month program in Medical Coding and Billing at Asher College (1215 Howe Avenue, Sacramento). In addition to graduating with a designation of Academic Excellence due to her 3.7 GPA, Donna was honored by being awarded the “Nora M. Wilkinson” Award for exceptional perseverance and dedication throughout the program. After completing a six-week internship, Donna is now looking for a job in the medical field as the next step in her journey toward independence.

Clint was homeless on and off for about 4 years. He was a tow truck driver, often sleeping in his truck. He hated the tow truck business, and the conflict that went along with the repossession of cars. He finally gave up his truck in exchange for a little pickup which he lived in. Clint’s lifelong dream was to drive a big rig.

HART and his mentor helped him to fulfill his dream. HART paid for new tries for his truck, and his mentor a camper shell, so he could go to LA for truck driving school. HART covered the tuition for his schooling in LA, and now Clint is rolling the roads of the United States, thrilled with his new job. We are so proud of him!

Mike came off the battle field after leaving the military, and faced the fight of his life. As a sharp shooter in the military, he knew his job and did it well. Back in the States, he was left floundering. Friends and family tried to support him, but just didn’t understand him, and he continued to struggle. As a resident of the Grace House, he was able to stabilize with the help of his mentor and look to the future. He is now in school and will be graduating soon. He just needed a little ‘grace’ and support to ground himself again. We are so proud of him, and are thrilled that we could help such a courageous young man see that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Cliff is no longer an EG WINS guest since moving into the Grace Transitional House and acquiring a job in Elk Grove. Cliff was living out of his car during the day and attending EG WINS at night for the first four weeks of the program. An opening at Grace House came up at the same time he learned of a job opening with a local janitorial company. Cliff is starting his journey of recovery, thanks to EG WINS and our volunteers.

“I want people to know I’m doing better” Cliff said. “Every single volunteer has helped me get to where I am.” When Cliff arrived at EG WINS, he was so down that he wouldn’t eat for the first few days. He had lost his Sacramento Bee printing job and depression grew so deep that he was asked to move out of his house. Each night and morning, EG WINS volunteers would talk with Cliff providing encouragement, hope, and support. Slowly Cliff started to believe his situation could improve. Cliff now has a stable living situation at the Grace House as he works on rebuilding his life. Cliff is learning a new career while he also seeks to restore ties with his family. As Cliff continues his recovery, he is being mentored by Phil Machek, a HART volunteer from Sun Grove Church. Please remember to pray for Cliff and all our EG WINS guests. These successes are only possible though your involvement.

We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization;
100% of donations go directly toward providing services.
Tax ID# 46-4162394