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We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization; 100% of donations go directly toward providing services. Tax ID# 46-4162394

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We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization; 100% of donations go directly toward providing services. Tax ID# 46-4162394

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Cliff PictureStanding on the edge of a cliff can be terrifying, especially when your children are standing on the edge with you. Sadly, many families in Elk Grove are facing this situation. In the poverty world, the Cliff Effect is a term used for families that are working, healthy and their kids are thriving, yet they are one terrifying step away from a disaster. The loss of a job, housing, their health, divorce, or some similar life event, can push them off that edge. We are facing a new Cliff Effect in Elk Grove and throughout the region, a lack of housing.

The Situation

We currently have 6 families in our transitional houses that are doing all the right things, - working, saving money and have decent rental histories. Yet, the competitiveness of the rental market has left them floundering. Several are running out of time a2022 Flyert our transitional houses with nowhere to go. They are hovering on the edge.

The Solution: Your help!

The City of Elk Grove has come up with a generous, innovative landlord incentive program to help our clients., yet they continue to be upstaged by more qualified applicants. We are facing a new unhoused population of families in our city and we need your help. If you know anyone who has a rental available, please contact us. And, please continue to support EG HART so we can come to the aid of these families. An amazing 98% of your financial donation goes directly to our unhoused services. Please give generously to our Big Day of Giving!

Find more information regarding the Landlord Incentive Program here: https://www.elkgrovecity.org/city_hall/departments_divisions/housing_loans/affordable_housing/landlord_incentive_program

“Big Day of Giving is coming soon! We are pleased to share that we are once again offering incentives for donors!  If you donate $50 or more, you will be entered into a drawing for a two-night stay (Sunday and Monday, May 29 and 30) in a two-bedroom,

three-bath (1150 square feet) luxury residence at the Marriott Grand Residence Club, South Lake Tahoe.  This is a $1500 value!  Each $50 in your donation will earn a chance in the

drawing - for example, if you donate $100 you will earn two chances!

Please visit Elk Grove HART | GivingEdge (bigdayofgiving.org) to donate.



Your gift directly supports the programs and services we provide to people who are overcoming homelessness. Thank you for your support.



Your help matters! Share your time and talents with Elk Grove HART. Join our team and help us overcome homelessness in Elk Grove.



Elk Grove HART provides supportive housing that helps individuals and families step out of homelessness and back into our community.

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